I.D.E.A. is a Consortium of Italian and International manufacturers of educational equipment and   Machinery created in 1992.  The founding members have a cumulative experience of more than   100 years.


To give to our customers a full range of selected companies and products to beƩer implement their projects in the Education field.


Each associated company is a manufacturer specialized in one field only (as nobody can be   specialist with so many products) and with very high Export potential. The competitive advantages are;


No company in the world is capable to manufacture the full equipment range required in complex   education projects. Therefore, the bidder of complete packages has to offer products from other   manufacturers too. In most cases, there is no enough experience to deal with non‐familiar product.    This can be a problem for the user, who can suffer a certain lack of experience.  


No need for the various companies to travel around the world to promote the respective products   to the various executing agencies. This is cuƫng promotion expenses.   The companies can concentrate on the production.


Each company is manufacturer in one field only, so it is specialised in that field. The advantage is   a beƩer flexibility to adapt the standard equipment to individual needs and the capability to propose smarter solutions compared with less experienced companies.  


When different I.D.E.A. participate in a project they co‐ordinate the proposed list of products. This is typically the case of trainers and relevant measuring instruments, which have to match   when the experiments will be performed in the laboratory. Only a strict integration among   manufacturers can assure that, when the laboratory will be set up, there will be a perfect   compatibility.